Saturday, March 9, 2013

My poor blog. It has been ignored for more than two months. I apologize. There's been lots going on and I suppose I have just been too busy to write. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

We had a photo shoot in February for Morgan and Izzy with the photographer, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. What fun! If you haven't been living in a computer free zone, you know Hannah's work. Hannah Stonehouse Hudson gave the world a gift last year: a photo of friend John Unger lovingly cradling his elderly dog, Schoep, in the waters of Lake Superior.

Hannah's new-found international fame was tempered by the tragic loss of her husband, Jim, last month in a snow mobile accident on Lake Superior. Even with her tremendous sadness, she soldiered on with her scheduled shoot dates and came to Southwest Florida last weekend. I was so impressed with her - her talent and her strength.

The things I learned from this photo shoot: Izzy, who is very photogenic, generally at ease in front of a camera and has mastered the non-pose pose of cuteness, would not cooperate a bit. All she wanted to do was run behind anything that would take her just out of the shot. I really wanted to get a great shot of her that I can use for the next book cover. I have not seen the proofs yet, but suspect that we may not have completed my mission. Morgan, who I think feels that a camera might just steal her soul was the ham! She ran, posed, and generally gave it her best. I was totally surprised by that one.

Hannah spent a couple of hours trying to coax the best out of both of them and I can't wait to see what she captured. She has MAD photographic skills and I swear, can talk to animals. I will definitely share the pics once we decide which shots are going to work.

Other things of note this month is my month-long book tour with Beck Valley Books. Sharon has all of the tour dates posted here. There will be some fun things, many reviews, a couple of interviews and a some of my own guest blog posts. I hope you have a minute or two to check them out.

Thanks. As always you can find me on twitter, daily @barbarabrunner


Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's been a difficult week. My dad passed away on New Year's Eve - the same day our eldest dog, Morgan, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. On the flip side, Dog-Ma was listed on this week. I haven't had a second to do any promoting here, on Twitter or on Facebook. None the less we are selling books. I spent the day autographing a couple of cases to send out to the FAB warehouse. Check it out if you get a second and maybe share it with your friends! One lucky buyer will get a special message and gift from Izzy.

Hopefully the rest of 2013 will not be quite as eventful as the first few days have been!

Happy New Year To All!