Saturday, February 11, 2012

Water Babies

I had to re-post this photo by Seth Casteel. He photographs all kinds of pups, but these underwater photos are the best ever! This one is my favorite.

One of these days I will get Izzy to pose for an underwater photos, although I could never do them as well as Seth. Well, truth be told, Izzy would not do this unless she were thrown from a distance by someone wearing full body armor. There would be much protesting, I think.

She can swim. She knows how to paddle to the edge and squirm and shuffle until she gets to the stairs. She's even hurled herself up over the edge from the middle of the pool when she was too lazy to swim to the stairs. It is just not as enjoyable for her as it is for me. I am a water baby. She like to admire from a distance. I've tried balls, squeakers...everything I can think of. I even put her in a doggie life vest to let her feel the buoyancy thinking it would help her to adjust and enjoy swimming. She ate it.

Our pool was built with our dogs in mind. Wide shallow stairs flank each end of the pool making it easy for a dog of any size to find their way out on their own. It makes swimming laps (the original intent for the pool) a bit more challenging but totally safe for our dogs. Cooper, our doberman, used to love swimming laps with me. All I had to do was motion to the water and say "go swim?" and he was in. Izzy would watch with a look of disdain as we swam side by side, back and forth until we were both exhausted. Oh, Coops you are missed. Laps are just not the same without you. Izzy's will never become my water buddy, I fear. She is content to sit in a lounge chair, doggles perched on her pretty eyes, with martini in hand being a passive observer.

Maybe I can get Seth to come to my house and click a pic or two of Izzy one of these days....

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