Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanks for an awesome review!

Such a wonderful review today from Rebecca Graf of A Book Lovers Library!Thanks!

"I have to admit that I love my dog, but I'm not one to pick up a dog book. So this book would have been passed over at a bookstore. And I would have so regretted it.

Dog-Ma is the story of Barbara Brunner and her husband who find themselves parents to a variety of dogs that tend to need special attention but have such unique personalities. She introduces the dogs to the reader in such a way that I honestly feel like I could walk up to any dog in her home and know exactly which one it was. I would even feel like an old friend. That might not be how the dog feels though.

Barbara is an amazing author. She doesn't have to create an amusing tale for you. She lets her dogs do that. I see so much of my own dog in some of hers. I have my own Houdini. I gave up trying to put her in a crate.

I do have to warn you of something. I never like my readers to be surprised by anything in a book I review unless it is a twist in the plot. In Ms. Brunner's book you will find yourself laughing out loud or sobbing. You might do both at the same time. I know I did. My husband almost took the book away. He thought I was loosing my marbles.

This book covers many years. It talks of the new additions to the family and the passing of many.

Do you love dogs? Then you have to get this book. Do you not love dogs? Get this book anyway. You'll find yourself looking for a dog to adopt by the end of it. Seriously, this is one of my 2012 selections and though I love many books I review I rarely put this comment in the review.

Note: This book was supplied as part of a book tour with no expectation of a positive review."

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