Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don Cheadle... It's all your fault...

I'm not happy with Don Cheadle tonight. He's a good actor - lousy dog sitter. No, what happened is not really his fault, but being mad at him is easier than being mad at Ray. Izzy fell in the pool while Ray was on watch. Apparently tonights episode House of Lies was quite engrossing...

We take every precaution to keep Izzy safe. She's never supposed to be on the pool deck without supervision, especially at night. One second is all it took. She was outside, alone. Its a cool but beautiful night here in Florida. The living room door was open to the pool deck while Ray watched Mr. Cheadle perform some new amazing consulting wizardry. Consultants... Its all smoke and mirrors, really.

Anyhoo... Izzy, not being of fan of Mr. Cheadle apparently, decided chasing her semi flashing ball (having not recovered from last nights dunk yet) in the dark would be much more entertaining. Ball careens toward the pool edge; Izzy in her enthusiasm chases too eagerly; doggie in the drink... It was a full swan dive. Soaked head to toe. Izzy knows how to swim. She was taught at an early age before she lost her sight, thank goodness. She swims like a champ...a pissed off champ, but a champ none-the-less.

Two good things happened. Izzy knows how to hurl herself out of the water and her Safety Turtle did its job, screaming a ear shattering alarm that I am sure was heard in Alaska. thanks Safety Turtle. Don... Cool it on the antics.


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