Thursday, January 12, 2012

The sushi bar and Helen Keller

It's 1AM. Izzy is restless, as she often is when Ray is traveling. A board meeting in San Francisco has taken him away for a few days. She hears something outside. We sit on the patio. 70 degree weather reminds me why we moved to SWFL. A splash. Izzy's head cocks. Generally her first reaction is to bark. Not tonight. First she listens with her one functioning ear (yes, not only blind, she is also deaf in her left ear from a juvenile bout of allergy induced ear infections). Poor girl. She is almost the Helen Keller of dogs.

Another splash. A pod of dolphins has decided to belly up to the sushi bar that is our backyard. Izzy let's out an ear shattering bark. Apparently she must compensate for her deafness and bark LOUDLY! Reminds me of my mother in law, but that's a post for another time.

Another splash and another bark. This time it is answered with a dolphin cackle. Kekekeke. Izzy seems amused, turns in a circle and returns the call with her own arf arf arf. The dolphin responds again. They have been at it for five minutes when lights from the neighbors house turn on. Uh oh. I realized I am being a very bad neighbor allowing these shenanigans. The neighbor steps outside and I apologize profusely for Izzy not using her inside voice.

Another splash, bark and cackle. The neighbor laughs. He goes in to get his wife. They haven't seen dolphins since last winter. This is a real treat. As we stand in our back yards in our pjs, moonlight spilling onto the water, I wonder if Izzy knows how content we are watching and listening to her dolphin chat.

Ok, she can talk. She's not Helen Keller yet...

It's now 1:30. Night night.

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