Monday, January 16, 2012

Wiggly Giggly

It's a sweatshirt day for all here in southern FL today. Izzy models her "tough girl" look - Ray's idea of cute. At one time she had a matching collar and leash, but she ate them while sitting in Ray's San Francisco office a couple of years ago.  His puppy-sitting skills were limited to head pats and farming her out to someone else to watch. Thank goodness for Peggy and Jessica!! He is a much more attentive dad now that he is retired.

Izzy says "thank you" Today her new noise-making toy arrived, Wiggly Giggly bone for small dogs.

I really don't know how to describe the sound it makes - sort of a whistle and a honk. I'm sure it will completely annoy the neighbors if it becomes her favorite. Uh oh... She's still on probation from the dolphin coffee-klatch.

It took a few minutes for her to investigate the new sound, but soon she figured it out and we had quite a rambunctious game of chase. The sound is motion activated. We'll see how durable this thing is. Blindness has not slowed down her search and destroy instincts. Izzy is a terrier and strikes fear into the heart of all new toys. If she lived in Toy Story, all of her toys would hunker down in the basket, to hide; Buzz and Woody taking turns keeping them safe. Last night she dropped her flashing/noise making ball into the pool... It made noise all night and had to be hidden under a pile of pillows so we could sleep. Finally tonight the battery died. Izzy's basket currently has a few tennis balls; all in various stages of ruin, a very flat stuffed squirrel missing a tail and it's squeaker, a very well loved Nylabone dinosauer and one rope toy perfectly intact (note to self, not a winner).   To Infinity and Beyond...

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